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Prevođenje Price list
No. Service Price*
1 Translation: English to Croatian** 95 kn
2 Translation: Croatian to English** from 110 kn
3 Translation: German to Croatian** from 95 kn
4 Translation: Croatian to German** from 110 kn
5 Consecutive interpreting (one hour) from 300 kn
6 Simultaneous interpreting (one hour) from 350 kn

* Price depends on the type and the size of the text, as well on the deadline. The final price is quoted after seeing the entire text. The listed prices do not include VAT.

** unit - a custom page consisting of 1500 characters without spaces, counted by computer sotware

For prices of other eLocutio services not listed here, please contact us at info@elocutio or call us at the numbers available here.

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